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Lightspeed Plutonium being VERY rude

Hey Heroes

This guy really let Me, Justice Cameron and Athena be in tears. He was being extremely rude and was cyber bullying us which is not a good position to be in! He was saying to me Slug and greeny. I very clearly made a post about that which you can read again here:

He made us very upset and I did contact the moderators and hopefully this cyber bullying issue will be solved.

To Lightspeed Plutonium,

There is a specific rule going around the world the rule is treat others the way you want to be treated. Let me say one thing I posted this one both blogs. and and now loads of people will be starting to avoid you.

Face the consequences!

So heroes please stay away from this hero!


Little Space Cheats 500k Giveaway Winners!

The time has come to announce the winners of the massive 500k hits Giveaway on Little Space Cheats! Even though there was a massive 75 comments on the post, there was only 14 retweets, meaning there was only 14 people entered into the giveaway.

The person who will be featured on and for a month is... @ShuMolly!

...and the two people to win the two 6 month space heroes memberships are...

If you're a winner I will contact you through twitter, and send you your prize!
Thanks everyone for entering!


Little Space Cheats Giveaway Reminder

This post is just a reminder to everyone to enter the Little Space Cheats 500k Giveaway! This Giveaway will end in one week from now, so make sure you have entered!

little space cheats 500k hits giveaway picture

This Giveaway is the biggest Space Heroes Universe Giveaway of all time! Giving away two 6 month SHU memberships, and one hero will be featured on both Little Space Cheats and Space Heroes Fansite for a whole month!

If you haven't entered already, click here to go to the Giveaway post.


Problem With Alien Genders

Hey There SHU Heroes!

Today when I was walking around the plaza I had a few bunch of boys saying "No-one likes you because your slimy and eww". That's a bit of Cyber Bullying and loads of people do it to me. It's not in a good position to be in. I was so upset and they hurt my feelings so badly. I was so upset that I even contacted the moderators and asked them to change my Gender. Hopefully that will happen some point in time. I think we all need to have another look at the hero code. :/

So please heroes don't call aliens Slimy,slugs or anything. It is also a bit Racist. It means your making fun of someone's gender/religion. If I find that someone is calling me rude things or some else is getting bullied I have no choice but to inform the moderators and you will risk suspension.

~Brandon ( very upset ) 

Little Space Cheats 500k Hits Giveaway!

Little Space Cheats has hit a whooping 500,000 website hits, and it's time to celebrate! Since I am extremely proud of how successful this blog has been, we're having the biggest ever Space Heroes Universe Giveaway... in the history of all the Space Heroes Universe Giveaways!

Little Space Cheats 500k hits
The prizes we're giving away for this massive Giveaway are... two free 6 Month Space Heroes Universe Memberships... and the winner will be featured on both and for a whole month!

So how do I enter? There are two simple steps you have to do, to enter this massive Giveaway.

1.  Retweet the tweet below. (If you don't have a twitter account you can sign up here.)
 2. Comment below your favorite thing about Space Heroes Universe, and make sure to include your twitter account name.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and enter the biggest Space Heroes Universe Giveaway in History! It's gonna be huge.

~Lol, with the help of Lillia~

Hero Mart Glitch

I am really in a rush so I explained everything in a simple video. Here it is:


SpaceHeroesFansite back up!

The domain has literally just been put up again! It was just some minor issues with blogger and the domain DNS settings. You can thank Space Hero Cozzza for setting it up again.

I know Space Heroes Fansite is pretty cool... but it doesn't compare to Little Space Cheats right?! Comment your thoughts below... ;)